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Let's Talk About Different Oils

Let's Talk About Different Oils

This post is inspired by a lovely lady who was new to the "oils" scene ... I felt it would be beneficial to others so here it is!


There are basically 4 different types of oils: Fragrance oils, Natural Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils and Organic Essential Oils.

Fragrance oils are synthetic - meaning they are man made. There are varying opinions on the safety of fragrance oils.

Natural fragrance oils are made of a lower grade of essential oils and resins etc and are naturally derived.

Essential oils are naturally derived - meaning they are made from natural material (usually plants).

An organic essential oil is basically made using organic natural material (aka organicly farmed plants).

Reed diffuser oil is not suitable to be used in an essential oil burner or one of the electronic essential oil diffusers. This is only because it is not a pure oil and is mixed with a different kind of oil base - this base just makes the diffuser oil travel up the reeds more efficiently. 


I hope this helps with anyone new to the "oil" scene and please leave any questions that you may have down below!


With Love & Light, 

<3 Jes from Sixth Spice


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