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Lip Balm Gift Set

Sixth Spice - Feel Your Own Difference

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Grab the perfect gift set for your eco conscious friend or family member this year - this set of 13 lip balms is a fantastic way to explore the different scented lip balms that Sixth Spice offers.

These are yummy sweet flavored natural lip balms that are healthy for you and for the planet! This lip balm is huge and will last for a long time - it is three times bigger than the traditional plastic tubes.

You will receive one of each of the following flavours in your gift pack: buttercream, peach bellini, peppermint, cotton candy, orange creamsicle, chocolate, raspberry, sandalwood, red rose tinted (vegan), frankincense & sandalwood, strawberry, vanilla and chamomile & ylang ylang.

These lip balms are an original formulation that you will not find anywhere else.

The tube is made of paper cardboard and is compostable, the labels are made of an adhesive paper - no plastic waste!

Handmade in small batches in Western Australia.

To open: cut along the black line, remove the cap, GENTLY and evenly push up on the bottom of the tube. Replace cap after use.

See how to open the lip balm tube here >>>

Zero waste packaging can be requested at checkout - you won't get any ribbons and frills - just the product wrapped securely in brown paper.

Sixth Spice prints on recycled paper and uses recycled paper for its business cards and product inserts.