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Swirl Style Reed Diffuser

Swirl Style Reed Diffuser

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This swirl styled glass reed diffuser adds a touch of class to your space.  Whether you need a scent boost in a stinky closet, a refreshing scent in the toilet or bathroom, or something to get rid of that stinky co-worker who sits next to you - this reed diffuser will do the trick!

Reed diffusers are excellent to have in spaces where you cannot have an open flame or there is no outlet to have a wax warmer plugged in.  They scent the space at all times and create the atmosphere you desire, whether it be something refreshing, romantic or sweet.

When your diffuser is not as smelly as it used to be simply flip over the reeds and place them back into the fragrance oil and enjoy the strong scent again.  Check out the reed diffuser refills that Sixth Spice has for sale when your oil runs out - refill, don't replace!

Want a custom scent not listed below?  Hit the chat button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to request it and I will see what I can do for you :) 

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