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Bikini Beaches - Soy Wax Melts

Sixth Spice - Feel Your Own Difference

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Snap out and pop a new scent into your burner today with these artesian made soy wax melts.

Made from non gmo soy wax, sparkling mica, glitters and recyclable containers.

Each bar is as unique as you are. ♡

BIKINI BEACHES - sweet sunshine beaches with an abundance of tropical fruits adorn the plates of scantily clad sun bathers.  Limes and mangoes and papayas ... the list goes on.  Sugar cane apples, melons and ground nutmeg.  Transfix your senses into tropical paradise!


Here is a video on how to unmould these wax melts:

*These weigh around 100 - 120g per pack which is approximately 1.5 times larger than the traditional 6 cavity melts!*

These wax melts are easy to snap apart and add to your favourite burner. They are strong scented and are sure to make a large room smell amazing for a long period of time. You should be able to smell the fragrance for a few days.

Pro Tip: If you cannot smell the fragrance anymore, try switching out to a new one and come back to previous one in a day or two. Our noses get used to the smells and we think the wax has no fragrance left when it does! You can also try airing out your house for a few hours and then trying the wax melts again.

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