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Simmering Granules / Salt Sizzlers

Simmering Granules / Salt Sizzlers

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Natural Simmering Granules are the perfect addition to your home fragrance collection. They are an ideal alternative for anyone with pets and small children where melted wax (from soy wax melts) is not practical. These Simmering Granules are a safe, mess free way to enjoy a superbly scented home!

To use: Simply open the bag and pour the granules into any electric or candle powered burner. Depending on the amount of granules used, the fragrance can last up to three days. They are extremely fragrant, so less is more when pouring them into your burner. Try a small amount and add more from there!

Check out a quick instruction video for this product on YouTube here>>>

If you touch the "fresh" granules (straight out of the bag), please wash your hands.

Available in 100g, 350g bags 

The Simmering Granules are made from natural salt crystals and candle fragrance. They will dissolve naturally when exposed to moisture and are a great low waste product. They can be tossed into your home compost after use if you do not mind adding salt to it.
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