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Single Cavity Soy Wax Melt Sample 30g Size

Single Cavity Soy Wax Melt Sample 30g Size

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Single cavity wax melt - the perfect way to experience new scents without committing to a larger size! Each 30-gram sample size is designed for a single use, allowing you to try out a new scent and enjoy the delightful aroma without having to worry about being stuck with a scent you don't like.

Our wax melts are carefully crafted to provide a long-lasting fragrance that will make your home smell delicious without the use of a flame like a candle. The small size of our wax melt is perfect for use in smaller rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, allowing you to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere wherever you are.

With our single cavity wax melt, you can experience a wide variety of scents and find the perfect one that suits your taste. So why not try out our wax melt today and discover a new scent that you will love?


Enjoy a touch of luxury to your home with our handmade, vegan wax melts. Made with natural soy wax, these melts are the best and most fragrant way to freshen up your space. Each clamshell contains highly scented, unique fragrances that are perfect for use in warmers. Our top-rated, highly fragrant melts provide long-lasting aroma for ultimate aromatherapy and air freshening experience. The very strong and highly scented melts are sure to be the longest smelling and most pretty addition to your home. Indulge in the high-end luxury of our natural soy wax melts for the ultimate in fragrance and freshening. These melts are perfect for any scent lover who is looking for a luxury, eco-friendly option.

The perfect way to add a new scent to your home. Each melt is made with non-GMO soy wax, sparkling mica, glitters and packaged in recyclable containers. The unique fragrances will leave your room smelling amazing for days. Snap out a melt and pop it into your burner for a strong, long-lasting aroma. Each bar is as unique as you are and will be a perfect addition to any room. Indulge in a little luxury with these easy-to-use, eco-friendly wax melts.
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