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Bubblegum - Soy Wax Candle

Sixth Spice - Feel Your Own Difference

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BUBBLEGUM BLISS - a classic bubblegum scent that smells super sweet and delicious!



🕯️ Key Features:
- 20 Hour+ burn time per small sized candle
(Diameter: 5.1cm x Height: 6.1cm)
- 30 Hour+ burn time per medium sized candle
(Diameter: 6.6cm x Height: 8.4cm)
- Highly scented fragrance
- natural non gmo soy wax
- pure textile grade cotton wick
- clean burn
- no smoke
- You will receive one candle with your order
- handmade in Australia 
~ Frosted Glass - creates a gorgeous glow when burning, complimentary to any home decor
~ Low Melt Temperature
~ Excellent, long lasting scent throw
~ Extensive wick testing to ensure the candle burns efficiently


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