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Wax Melt Mystery Box

Sixth Spice - Feel Your Own Difference

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Step right up and try your luck!
Grab yourself a lucky dip of wax melts!

This is a mystery box filled with a random selection of wax melts! It could be new scents that have not been released yet ... holiday scents ... signature collection scents ... anything!

Choose your size! Small or Large mystery box:
- Small mystery box will contain 2 wax melts
- Large mystery box will contain 8 wax melts
- Jumbo mystery box will contain 20 wax melts

Disclaimer: The above pictures show examples of the melts and do not display the actual scents that you will be getting with your purchase.

If you would like a certain type of scent please leave me a comment with you order!

<3 Jes xoxo

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